Yeti or Not…

Original illustrations for a creative campaign

Yeti or Not …

Meet Oswald, Ozzy for short.

With the abundance of yeti characters on the internet, developing an original illustration for a yeti that would stand out was a task in itself. On top of that, I needed to be able to illustrate family members who could stand on their own but still feel part of the same story. After several sketches, the team and I landed on this little ball of fluff.

The idea behind this as a gift for our clients was that winter is coming, and with it, comes the yeti. We sent our clients a package in a bubble envelope that included:

  1. Yeti window cling
  2. Custom yeti playing cards
  3. A two-sided card. One side of the card has an art print of an original illustration, and the other side has a poem, a message and a call to action to go online and play the yeti game our team developed

Social Campaign

On top of the gift, we used the original illustrations for a social media campaign to tell our yeti’s story on Facebook and Instagram. We featured the illustrations on memes and incorporated them into stock photos.

Portrait of woman throwing snow to man outdoor

Meet The Yetis


Playing Cards

The face cards feature original illustrations of our friends, the yetis.

  • Red K for Karl (father)
  • Red Q for Qora (mother)
  • Blue K for Kent (brother)
  • Blue Q for Quinn (sister)
  • Red J for Jeremy (brother)
  • Blue J for Jack (baby)
  • Ozzy, our friend, is the Joker(s).

Creating, and playing with, playing cards is one of the more exciting things I get to do at Nova. I’m super stoked to be a part of an organization that lets me bring my passion projects to life!

Custom designed playing cards.


We also illustrated and developed a responsive game that could be played online.

Snowball fight!!

It’s an arcade-style platform game that features Oswald having a snowball fight with you. Dodge and deflect his massive snowballs while trying your best to hit him.

It’s hours of fun (speaking from personal experience).

There are currently 30 levels. Mackenzie has made it to level 30 once but didn’t pass it, and no one else in the office has even come close. I’ve made it as far as level 22. Play it here and if you beat level 30 be sure to let us know what happens!



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