Gutenberg Leaves Websites Vulnerable

WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor Leaves Websites Vulnerable

If you’ve ever purchased a new model car, you typically have no idea what performance and maintenance issues might happen because there just isn’t information about common or potential problems like you would have with existing models. Surprises often pop up that the automaker couldn’t predict, so you end up taking it in for more fixes and updates. Unfortunately, the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg update, the largest update to the platform in more than 15 years, is experiencing unexpected issues that can leave WordPress users open to potential security threats and broken features on their websites. While there are ways to protect yourself, our recommendation is to wait to update.

Security Patches for WordPress 5.0

When WordPress 5.0 was rushed to launch in December 2018, issues began popping up almost immediately. Users who have updated have faced everything from glitchy interfaces to serious security vulnerabilities. As we’ve watched this unfold over the weeks, we recommend waiting until at least the Summer to hit that update button. The patches being pushed out every other week reveal more of the issues WordPress still has to fix with Gutenberg as a whole.

Gutenberg Timeline-01-min

Back Up Before You Update

When it is finally time to update your website, you will always want to back up your website before making any changes. This will ensure that if something goes wrong, you can still revert back to the most recent version of your website before the update.

Test Your Plugins Before Launching

To make your update even smoother, you may want to consider setting up a staging site to test the update with your site before it goes live. Older WordPress plugins developed by small teams may be slower to comply with the new version, so when you test it on a staging site, there will be no guessing about what you need to rework and what will transition smoothly.

Ask the Expert

This could get complicated quickly if you’re not comfortable with managing every aspect of your website. At Nova Creative, we offer a comprehensive maintenance package, but we also have consultation time available to take the guesswork out of upgrading for you.

At the end of the day, we’re excited about the possibilities Gutenberg brings as a visual editor, but we encourage everyone to wait for that upgrade and to always back up your website regularly.

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