Why lipstick is not enough
for a website redesign

Why lipstick is not enough
for a website redesign

One of the biggest misconceptions we run into when starting a new website redesign project is that everything is fine on a client’s current site. “It really just needs a new look.”

We absolutely believe a beautiful, contemporary website is a must. Your website SHOULD be visually attractive and looks do matter. But don’t go into a website redesign thinking a pretty makeover will do the trick and earn you more sales. You’re selling yourself short.

Think of it as buying a new suit and getting a fresh haircut before your big interview. It totally helps to look professional, but they still aren’t going to hire you if you don’t make it clear you’re the best, most qualified candidate for the job.

If you start out your new website project by copying over everything but the look, you are going to end up unintentionally copying over the same problems you faced on your old site.

Site visitors absolutely DO leave websites because they are ugly, but they leave for other reasons too, including problems caused by navigation, clarity and effectiveness of content. If you think a new look will solve those types of problems, that won’t earn you any more business than you have now.




When Nova takes on a new website project, we don’t just think about how we can make your website prettier, but how we can enhance the experience and accelerate the performance.

We thrive on making websites better, not just more attractive. We dig in deep to your website and look at content, navigation, the funnel, the performance and other key strategic areas that will positions your website not just to look great but do a better job of attracting and converting customers.

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