What to do after a networking event

What to do after a networking event

Hooray! You attended a networking event and it was actually productive! But now what? Below are my tips on following up and building good habits after attending a networking event.

Send a Thank You

Did you find the networking event productive or helpful or well organized? Send a quick follow up email thanking the host of the networking event. Ask to be put on their mailing list to make sure you are invited to other networking events they put on in the future.

Connect on LinkedIn

Did you meet someone who piqued your interest? Start the follow-up process with linking to them on LinkedIn within two days of the event. LinkedIn is an under-utilized tool, especially for networking. Make sure to add a personal message to your LinkedIn request and invite them to check out your connections and offer to connect them to anyone they think might be helpful to them.

Follow Up on Promised Connection or Information

Did you meet someone and offer to connect them to a specific person or resource? Make sure you send them a follow-up email with a quick recap of what you talked about and the promised information. Again, I like to do this within two days of the event.

Schedule that Meeting

If someone sent you information they promised you, make sure you reach out and follow up with that connection. Remember the reason you attended this event was to build your networking and dismissing a connection could cost you your next client. These are the warmest leads you will get – don’t waste them by not following up in a timely manner!

Restock your Networking Supplies

You don’t want to be scrambling before your next networking event to make sure you have all your networking materials or even worse, not have the materials you need when you get to your next networking event. Make it a habit to check your supplies after each networking event and stocking up then!

Networking is only as useful as you make it. If you make good connections at the event but don’t reach out after what was the point? Words to live by: Follow Up and Follow Through.

Do you have any tips I should try after my next networking event?


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