What It’s REALLY Like at an Agency

What It’s REALLY Like at an Agency

My first week at Nova Creative was my first experience learning the ins and outs of an agency. Well, as much as you can learn in a week! I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. What I’ve witnessed here so far motivates me to work as best as I can for our team, for our clients, and for our company.

Agencies must have a creative environment.

Have you ever walked into Nova Creative? If not, please stop by, we’re on McEwen Street! You’ll find creativity streaming along the walls with inspirational quotes telling you that “Creativity is contagious” and to “Never close the blinds on a bright idea.” You’ll see each designer’s personality displayed on their desk with unique décor speaking to who they are. You’ll soon realize, just like I did, that you’re in a fun environment, one that encourages creativity, where no question is a silly one, and a place ready to generate solutions that’ll help clients grow their business.

Clients are part of the team.

I quickly learned how much we care about our clients. Jumping in as a Project Manager and juggling various tasks has made me notice that we are an extension of our clients’ team. We communicate with our clients multiple times a day, sometimes about a handful of different projects, which invites us into their space and their world, daily. The relationships we form are an art in themselves and a mixture of trust and accountability on the project managing side yet creativity on the design aspect.

Teamwork makes an agency successful.

Teamwork makes the dream work, it’s a quote you’ve heard multiple times, maybe even daily depending on your team captain.  Some may think it’s an overrated quote, but really, when a team is all working together, the dream really does come alive. To walk into a new job and feeling the synergy that Nova has is something that I think most companies envy. When we all keep in mind the number one goal to provide for our clients and transforming their visions into reality, then we all work better, together.

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