What is your brand's actual value?

A digital lesson for the real world.

What is your brand’s actual value? A digital lesson for the real world.

At the end of February, I—along with some of the team from Nova—was lucky enough to travel to Phoenix to attend the Digital Summit there.

Like eager sponges, we sat in the audience, waiting to hear the latest tips, tricks and best practices in digital marketing. We learned everything from trends in Snapchat to lessons in authenticity.

One of the biggest things I absorbed, though, permeated nearly every session I attended, and that was about actual value.




Let’s not just talk about the fact that we offer value, the speakers touted, but let’s actually offer value.

One of my favorite takeaways came from Matt Hertig, from ChannelMix, who told the audience to stop offering reports, and instead deliver analysis.

When he said this, toward the end of the first day of sessions, things really started to click harder for me.

I’m always telling our clients that it’s not about gaming the system, but actually producing meaningful content, and this message, though tucked in a larger presentation and specifically about reports and analytics, really seemed to follow that line. The dominoes started falling.

The same strategy I deploy in web strategy, content and inbound marketing should really apply to all aspects of everything we do in marketing. And it does.

The same way we talk about actually offering value to your web visitors should be at the core of everything we do. We, as marketers should be offering real value to our clients through all projects, and I think that’s what we really do well at Nova, and what sets us apart from the competition.

It’s not about just producing the thing the client asks for, in this example, the report. It’s about what value can we add, the analysis.


It’s not about just producing the thing the client ask for. It’s about what value can we add.


At Nova, we look at the big picture and think about not just how we can help you with your immediate marketing needs, but how those needs are fitting in to help you achieve your goals.

It’s not enough to give you what you ask for. We strive to give you more. We want to help make you better than you were before you walk through the door, and help to grow your brand, making you bigger, better, stronger, faster, and that’s the actual value we offer at Nova.


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