What goes into smart website design?

What goes into smart website design?

It was important for us to think about how user experience intersected with business goals when we designed Environmental Doctor’s new website.

Environmental Doctor needed a website design that was reflective of their brand, optimized to attract potential customers and easy to navigate regardless of where visitors land on the site.

So what goes into smart web design?

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Attract and Engage

Environmental Doctor wanted a website design that was clean and fresh to reflect the company’s mission.

We achieved a clean look through the use of icon illustrations, visual imagery and a website design free from clutter.

From a programming standpoint, we utilized responsive design and Javascript powered animations designed to catch the eye and engage site visitors. Additionally, we implemented custom page templates and advanced custom fields to make content entry easy to understand and maintain.


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Optimize for User Experience

Search engine optimization (SEO) was utilized on the Environmental Doctor website to bring in users from Google searches directly to several landing pages throughout the site.

Nova’s expertise in navigation and UX Design (user experience design) helped us to seamlessly blend those pages – as well as any additional pages created by the client after our role in the project was complete — into the design of the website and move users from the landing pages through the sales funnel.

Because we delivered the site on an easy to manage content management system (CMS), any new page on the site was easy for the client to edit or add. And because of the site structure any additional content will blend in with the rest of the website easily.


Make Navigation Easy

Environment Doctor wanted to be as transparent as possible with their process, and we are extremely proud of the morphing menu and travelling navigation we created that stays with users as they navigate the website.

By keeping the menus close by, we keep the user engaged and increase average time on site and pages per visit, by making it easy for users to find the clear path to the services they need.

This was a fun website design for us at Nova.



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