What do you leave space for?

What do you leave space for?

At Nova, we leave space for inspiration. We leave space for perspective. For craftsmanship. For strategy. For creativity.

In our personal lives, we leave space for peace. For reflection. For family. For togetherness.

Nova has spent a significant amount of time recently thinking about the things in our lives we leave space for.

What should we be leaving space for that we don’t currently? What should we appreciate more in our lives and daily routines? What should we MAKE space for?

Leaving space isn’t just about recognizing the things in our lives we make room for, but appreciating those things that bring brightness to our lives that should be getting even more space.




It’s about seeing the glimmers and making them shine. It’s about putting the spotlight on the little things and making them bigger.

Our daily lives move fast. Our brands and businesses move fast.  We spend so much time scheduling and moving from one thing to another–accomplishing assigned tasks, setting benchmarks and meeting them–that we barely have time to breathe, let alone appreciate the little things that make our lives better.

We are making a conscious effort at Nova to appreciate the things that make our work and our lives exciting—full of color and full of life.

We started the Leave Space For campaign to pay homage to the parts and pieces that go into making our lives and our work awesome. And we are inviting you to share in that celebration. What are you leaving space for? Let us know and share the things in your life you wish you had more of. Let’s celebrate the things that harmonize to make it all possible.

#leavespacefor and let us know.

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  1. Cult London 2 years ago

    In our business if there is one thing we needed to #leavespacefor I would say it was understanding of others – our clients, our employees, other companies that we do business with. It’s very easy to rush in with our ‘standard operating procedures’, and forget that everything in life and business ultimately revolves around people, and making time to understand their needs makes us better in all our dealings with them.

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