DP&L Energy-savings Displays

Dynamic displays that educate and captive crowds

Stand up marketing displays by Nova Creative

Recently, Nova had the opportunity to work on some stand up marketing displays for DP&L that needed to engage the crowds and lines that form around the DP&L tent at events.

I’ve created several illustrations within this brand but the size of these 4-foot stand up marketing displays allowed me to take the style a bit further. I tried to make sure I balanced adding plenty of visual details while making sure the design stayed simple and clean. I injected in fun icons and illustrations with the tips wherever I could.

The copy had to end far enough from the ground for people to read. Each stand up marketing display needed to be double-sided and easily transportable. It was important to the client that these displays fit into a standard vehicle’s trunk. We created each display in pieces, but kept the assembly simple and sturdy. This affected the design and made this project a lot more interesting to work on, in a good way!

There were three displays:

  • Fridge: Appliance recycling program
  • HVAC: HVAC rebate program
  • CFL bulb: Light discount program

A lot of little things went into shaping these displays. See more:

Case Study Dribbble Post


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