Ready, Set, Go: Your Company’s Resolutions

Ready, Set, Go: Your Company’s Resolutions

It’s that season again, time for dreaded New Year’s resolutions.  Have you thought about more than your health and personal habits, as we kick off the new calendar year?

What are your plans for your business?  We here at Nova Creative think and talk about this kind of thing a lot, we had a few questions to consider.

1. How are you getting customers?

Do you know the best way to get the attention of potential clients in your target audience?  Are they looking for your products and services online?  At tradeshows?  On social media?
Taking the time to personify your target audience(s) may help clarify your approach.

2. What are you doing to keep your current clients happy?

Have you talked to some of your most valuable clients lately?  Remember, they may be goal setting at this time of year also.  A face-to-face conversation about their challenges and opportunities at this moment may help strengthen your relationship and help them see you as a partner working towards their success.

3. Are you trying to solve new problems with old solutions?

Have you taken a close look at the technological landscape lately?  Many of us get caught up in the day-to-day of putting out fires and forget to take a step back to see if there is a better way.  Some things may have changed in the last year.  Now could be a good time to take stock of what’s available to help you stay innovative.

4. What does your company’s marketing say about you?

Your marketing, particularly your website, has the opportunity to do a lot of talking for you when you aren’t there to do it yourself.  Is everything saying what you think it should?  Is your list of products and services up to date?  Now may be the perfect time for a refresh to be sure your messaging is current.

5. What does your company’s culture say about you?

Have you taken stock of how your employees are speaking about you?  Are they fulfilled in their roles and sending positive messages to your customers?  As many people take stock of their professional goals this time of year, it may be the perfect opportunity to ensure you are on the same page as a group and moving together in the same direction.  It’s hard to hide confusion and dissatisfaction within your company from your customers.  Now may be a great time to clarify any team goals.
If we can be of assistance in answering some of these questions and defining your goals for the new year, please give us a call!

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