Dayton International Airport

Responsive Website


Nova’s goal in designing the airport’s new responsive website was to create an attractive, user-friendly experience that gave travelers the information they need from the airport on any device.


Client: Dayton International Airport
Date: March 24, 2014


User Experience

Because we knew from Google Analytics that the airport was missing a crucial segment of mobile and tablet traffic, we knew the responsive website design would be a crucial aspect to the overhaul of this website project. We used our knowledge of user experience with supporting evidence from site traffic recordings to fine tune the navigation to make the paths to information clear and easy to find.

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Once we optimized the responsive website to be viewed and navigated seamlessly from any type of device, we immediately saw a noticeable spike in traffic.  Pageviews increased by 40% one week after launch, and the bounce rate has been consistently decreased by 20%, indicating site visitors are spending more time exploring the information they found on the website after its redesign.