Portfolio and preview of projects

  • Dayton International Airport Responsive Website

  • Pippin: A magical direct mail campaign

  • Energy-saving Displays

  • Environmental Doctor Website

    Website, Illustration
  • Bubba The Bear Website

    Website, Video, Illustration
  • NECO Branding and Website Redesign

    Branding, Collateral, Tradeshow Display
  • Story Garden Display

    Interactive Display
  • SectorLight Branding


The most important pieces in our portfolio are the relationships we have with our clients. Our clients trust us, because they know we are all working toward a common goal. We all want to put our very best foot forward and develop marketing solutions that make a great impression, because the creative work we do is really a reflection on all of us. There is no team member as valuable to us as our clients. 

View more of our portfolio below.