Monster Dog Mashup

Monster Dog Mashup

To celebrate Halloween this year, we had a Monster Dog Mashup party at Nova. We all concocted our own “monster” themed hot dog recipes with frighteningly good ingredient combinations. We tied the ingredients to an origin story for each monster, and then, we brought in all the fixin’s to share our dogs and make mutant mix-ups.

Check out all of our hot dog recipes below.



by Sue Christen

Hot dog on a bun, topped with peanut Butter sauce, sliced Bananas and crumbled Bacon pieces


Children of the Corn Dog

by Amy Niswonger

Hot dog on a bun, topped with spicy jack corn dip, sliced jalapenos, bacon bits, chives and french fried onion crumbles*

*substitute for fried jalapeno crisps (if you dare) for a dog with an extra bite


Edgar Allen “Dawg”

by Linda Hughes

Sausage dawg on a hoagie bun, topped with kale greens, craisins, pine nuts, cheese blend and garlic expressions

The Story Behind the Dog

Once upon a midnight dreary
While I ponder hungrily weary
Craving to savor flavors of good
Not questioning if I really should
Don’t analyze the evils that lurks inside
Just tell the tale of this dawg’s disguise
Wearing a camouflage of cranberries and leaves of green
A monstrous Cujo like you never have seen
It would be a dawggone shame
Sure to drive you insane
If you don’t attack this dawg like going to war
You’d miss this tasty treat forever more…


The Nova Naga

by Rose Schulz

Homemade coconut milk peanut sauce spread on a hot dog bun, topped with a hotdog, carrots and onion.


The Demon Turkey of Plymouth Rock

by Mary Beth Reser

Spicy pumpkin aioli spread on a bun, topped with a hot dog, cranberry ketchup, Stovetop stuffing crumble and french fried onions

The Story Behind the Dog

The Forgotten Turkey of Plymouth Rock

Did you ever wonder what happened to the turkey who wasn’t chosen for the first Thanksgiving?

Some say his jealousy ate at him as he wandered the forest going crazy with rage, always wondering why he didn’t get picked. If you listen closely, between Halloween and Thanksgiving you can still here his angry wails as he travels the countryside plotting his revenge against the pilgrims who wronged him.


Doctor Voodoo

by David Ramsington

An andouille sausage on a bun, topped with cajun roux relish and friend okra slices


Bane of Dracula

by Mackenzie Graves

Hot dog on a bun, topped with GARLIC crusted ‘STAKE’, with a SILVER lining of chimichurri sauce, basting in a SUNNYish side-up egg


Bat Dog

by Ian Hilt

Cream cheese spread on a bun, topped with a hot dog, salsa, Fritos, hot peppers and white onions, PLUS a mustard Batman logo on the outside of the bun


Medusa’s Mane

by James Graves

A hot dog on a garlic butter toasted bun, topped with basil pesto spaghetti, sliced grape tomatoes, pine nuts and freshly grated parmesan cheese

The Story Behind the Dog

Medusa killed Frank. After years of training to fight blind, Frank’s son, AKA the Italian Ninja, finally got to face his nemesis, Medusa and avenge his father’s death. Once she was defeated, he harvested her mane, topped it with traditional Italian seasonings and ate it on an italian sausage, in the ceremonial way of his people… and it was delizioso!


Mouseketeer Dog

by Shannon Lipp

A hot dog on a bun, topped with homemade mac & cheese


Mummy Dog

by Cheryl Page

A hot dog with a slice of gruyere cheese, wrapped in thin strips of crescent rolls and topped with candy eyes