Memorable Super Bowl LII Commercials

Memorable Super Bowl LII Commercials

As a creative marketing agency, we have some thoughts about the Super Bowl LII commercials from last night. A quick survey around of our team revealed consensus favorites and surprising ones as well.

“The Dirty Dancing One”


I barely finished asking what commercial they liked before Amy brought up this one IMMEDIATELY. Cheryl, Shannon, and Charlotte agreed that this spot was super cute.

“Another Tide Ad”


Shane and I agree, all the Tide Ads were gold. How can you possibly choose a favorite? It was unbelievable the amount of airtime they bought and impressive how their social media war room kept on top of everything happening online. I’m going to include a few more because isn’t every ad a Tide Ad now?


The meta feel and references to other famous ads absolutely appealed to the marketer and Stranger Things fan aka ME.


While Nathan didn’t watch this year, what stood out to him was how we called this ad by the name of the brand. In years past, audiences often had issues identifying which brand produced that one funny ad, but with a tagline like “Another Tide Ad,” Shane and I had no problem remembering their brand.

“That Budweiser One”


Shane also liked the emotional appeal behind this year’s Budweiser commercial. In such a tough year, it was nice to see brands giving back.

“When Alexa Loses Her Voice”


Natasha spotted Amazon’s commercial where Alexa loses her voice days before the Super Bowl. The quickly recognizable voices added humor to everyday situations. Gordon Ramsey yelling about how to cook, Cardi B refusing to play country music, Rebel Wilson taking it one step too far, and the Anthony Hopkins ending because everyone knows that voice as Hannibal. It was just lighthearted and funny, a joke for all interests.

“When they left the chips outside”


This one cracked Sue up! Leaving the chips outside was a fun worst, case scenario for guacamole lovers.

“Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman!”


Charlotte is a big Peter Dinklage fan and couldn’t get over how perfect the lipsync battle matched the products they were promoting.

“The one with that hashtag: #bleepdontstink”


Justin always appreciates a good bathroom joke, especially when there’s a hashtag involved

“But how did he miss that catch?!”

At the end of our conversation this morning, Amy brought up the thing we didn’t really watch too closely. The game.


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