#leavespacefor New Beginnings

#leavespacefor New Beginnings

Last Friday was our last day on Franklin Street, so I wanted to take a few moments to look ahead. While we’ve made great memories, I can’t wait to share the new space with our clients and staff.

When I think about our new location, I think about…

  • How space inspires creativity. Our current office has been cozy and it fostered closeness… But our new office has room to grow. I think it could inspire some limitless thinking, too.
  • Being surrounded by nature. Our new office has access to walking trails and spaces to gather outdoors.
  • How we can help. Several of our new neighbors are involved in some long term, big impact community service projects. I know we can come alongside them in that to continue our mission of giving back.
  • The way time changes our needs. What once fit us perfectly now feels a little snug. But our new office has more parking and quicker access to dining and entertainment.

Those are just the details… To me, the move happening this week is the best indicator of where Nova will be in a year. This change is symbolic. I am moving our talented team into a space designed to help them reach their best potential. And most importantly, we will continue to show our clients what it means to be a partner. Now, we just have even more resources to pull from.

In every plan and box, we have left space for growth. Now it’s time to start unpacking!



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