How TEDxDayton Can Help Creative Directors

How TEDxDayton Can Help Creative Directors

Last Friday, Shannon and I attended the 6th Annual TedXDayton event at the Victoria Theatre. This is the 3rd year we’ve attended and again the event held up to the extremely high standards we have come to expect.

The afternoon was for thought leadership, education and inspiration. I have a few thoughts and takeaways worth sharing.

Each year I walk away from the TedXDayton event inspired and energized. I love hearing the individual perspectives on complicated issues and thoughts.

Prior to the event, I had been spending some time thinking about my own presentation style and at TedXDayton I took note of what I, as the viewer, responded to in each of the presentations.

What captured my attention most?

The subjects that drew from emotion or personal experience, or presentations that were educational in nature? Or was it really the individual presenter that drew me in, with their unique tone, vocabulary, or presence? After some evaluation, I came to realize it is a combination of all of these elements that make a Ted Talk a successful one.

I was most engaged with talks where the presenter delivered their content as an educator would. When I felt I was being taught about a concept or idea rather than persuaded, I felt open to making my own decisions about the material. Not only did these presenters resonate with me during their presentations, but their thoughts have also stuck with me since the event. I feel like I am more likely to research further, or possibly even take action on the subject if needed.

Can I apply this to my own management and/or presentation style?

I would like to think so.  This is my challenge and my new goal.

Thank you, TedXDayton for another thought-provoking afternoon.


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