How Real Customers Search: Keyword Search Evolution

How Real Customers Search: Keyword Search Evolution

Recently we attended the Digital Summit in Phoenix.

There were many interesting topics that were shared with all attendees. One particular topic that is always top of mind for Nova is SEO, and staying current on how people search for information online. At Nova, we know developing content with the right keyword search strategy is important for developing an effective website. Basically SEO is about getting traffic to your website.

The digital world has evolved, so SEO needs to change. We all have our mobile devices glued to our hands daily, and searching for anything online is always changing from mobile typing to voice-to-text searching being used more frequently.

In the past, keyword research techniques included typical one-keyword, one-page search and volume-only focused content. The present search techniques refocus on intent-based, topical and voice search.

We know we need to evolve to get the right kind of traffic/customers to our website. To effectively do that, we need to go above and beyond the keyword search by using any alternate tools available.

With 75% of search being conducted on the phone, we all want the speediest method to find something. People are using voice-to-text as their go-to search method nowadays. Also with the invention of Siri, Google home and Alexa, and their subsequent mainstreaming, these products are changing our behavior as well. Voice search is more of a full question, so keeping content on your site optimized to those alternate searches is key to having an effective SEO website.

At the summit, we learned that future trends for search include Deep Learning and Neural Machine Translation System. We must be feeding that engine, as it looks like Google is getting smarter all the time.

Google created a free online game called Quick, Draw! You can play it at This fun game shows the potential of AI in action! It shows how Google is constantly evolving and learning and what it can do with machine learning research.




During the Digital Summit, we also learned about new web tools to help us “expand the list of keywords,” so we can evolve a website and build content based on how search has evolved.

It’s good to keep up on current trends. For any keyword development, research is also key to understand the audience a little bit better, where we can uncover information to help build the list and topical focus to attract people to the website.

Just like Google evolves, we are evolving as well.


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