Get a Move On:
Best Practices on Moving Your Business

Get a Move On:
Best Practices on Moving Your Business

Moving has a lot of moving parts, right? While picking out paint colors and furniture upgrades are fun, decision makers feel the added pressure of making sure their clients and employees are taken care of throughout the process.

Right now, Nova is working on our own move. And while our new space is less than 2 miles away, you wouldn’t know it by the To Do List on my desk. So, I figured while I’m checking things off, I might as well share some lessons learned… Because when it comes to moving a business, there are some best practices that can make the process a lot more efficient.

Best Practices for Moving Your Business:

  • When we moved to our current space, it took way longer than expected to get our geo-location updated on Google… Which is crucial when you’re inviting clients to meet. Now, most social platforms have geo-location options as well. Put this at the top of your list and don’t forget to test the results.
  • When one sign comes down, the other should go up. Make sure you’re well versed on the signage opportunities and requirements of the new space. Some property owners or management companies have strict regulations on size, color, and material choices. Signage is expensive so this is one place to do your research upfront.
  • One outlet does not fit all. We’ve learned that one the hard way. Take a good look at how your server, computers, phones, and other equipment is wired and make sure the new space has compatible infrastructure in place. Finding out you’re one outlet short is no way to start off in a new space.
  • Make a communication plan and stick to it. Incorporate different methods like direct mail, email, social media, and even a phone call or two. Sometimes clients show up unexpected, which we love… But we also want to make sure it’s us they’re visiting and not the tenant who took our place.

Speaking of communication, here’s an example. This is a graphic we included with our outgoing print mail, mostly with our recent invoices. A small visual reminder can reinforce the moving message. We’re all busy right? But the details matter, especially when you’re moving fast.



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