Flip-Flop Party!

Flip-Flop Party!

Sometimes when you can’t change the circumstances around you, the only thing you can do is make the best of it. Last Wednesday, we decided to celebrate spring in the middle of winter with Nova’s second annual Flip Flop Party. Never mind the snow piling up outside the door or the sub-zero wind chills, our hearts said “Think Spring!”

And Think Spring we did. We ramped up our creative process with Hawaiian pizza, tropical fruits, fiesta queso with chips, coconut-lime cookies and even a piñata. To make our celebration complete, we cranked up the portable heaters and cracked out the flip flops and sandals (leis and sunglasses optional).

Since we were in need of a brain break, the Nova team also played our version of Box of Lies, as seen on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Everyone put random items into identical boxes, then took turns as teams trying to guess whether their opponent was giving a truthful description of what was really in the box, or lying. Our conclusion? That we are a bunch of terrible liars, which probably is a good thing.

When the party was over, the snow was still piling up outside and the wind chills were still there, but for one brief shining moment, the winter blues had been defeated and we created a lot of smiles in the process. Winter may not be fun, but escaping winter can be, at least here at Nova.


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