Direct Mail Campaigns




Rather than the unwanted vacuum salesman knocking on the door, direct mail campaigns have recently become more like the friendly neighbor delivering muffins. Whether you are reaching out to foster relationships with your current clients or you are looking for ways to acquire new customers, a direct mail campaign that stands out can set you apart from your competition.

As more and more marketing efforts shift to digital and social channels, thoughtful direct mail campaigns have grown into a powerful marketing strategy for engaging customers. A personalized and creative direct mail piece now carries the same personal touch as a handwritten letter or a thank you note, indicating your company is willing to put in extra effort to grow relationships with your clients. Nova Creative goes beyond the pre-stamped plain white No. 10 envelope offering creative direct mail campaign ideas that grab attention and inspire curiosity.

  • Dimensional mailers

  • Postcards

  • Letters

  • Themed mailers

  • Enrollment packets

  • Free gifts

  • Promotional items

  • Variable printing

  • Personalized campaigns

  • Invitations

  • Event tickets

  • Invitations

  • Trade show promotions

  • Drip campaigns

  • Direct mail campaigns targeting existing clients

  • Direct mail campaigns targeting prospective clients

  • Tube mailers

  • Creative holiday mailings

  • Specialty packaging

The benefit of putting a dedicated creative team like Nova Creative on the job is that we thrive on thinking outside the box, and that is exactly where you need to start if you want a direct mail campaign that gets noticed AND remembered.

Nova also excels in thinking beyond the mailbox. 

When direct mail campaigns can drive traffic to landing pages on websites or personalized URLs (PURLS), multiple channels can work together to engage your audience and pull them further into your conversion funnel, giving your company more exposure and multiple opportunities to display your message.

Flip through a few portfolio examples from Nova