5 Ways to Stay Organized in the New Year

5 Ways to Stay Organized in the New Year

Now is the perfect time to make a few small changes that will help get you get more organized in the new year. Below are my favorite ways to my workspace organized and set up for a productive workday.


1. Everything has a place or home when you are organized.

And I mean everything!

Each pen and pencil, each folder, each notebook all needs its own place to live. When you need it, you know right where to look and when you are done with it you know where it belongs. This will help your workspace stay neat and you will never have to go hunting around for what you need.

2. Organize using the tools that work for you.

You have a million and one things to accomplish – how do you keep it all straight?

I work best with a to-do list that I can physically cross off. So, post-its and notebooks are crucial for my organization. Other people in the office use reminders on their calendars or phones to help keep them organized. Determine what tools work for you and how you need to organize your tasks and stick to it.

3. Use boxes and other containers to stay organized.

I am a huge fan of utilizing boxes and containers (with lids) to keep items that you rarely use in one place.

Not only does this provide a home for items you don’t use on a daily basis but it also looks less cluttered to have a small box on your desk rather than a bunch of random items. For example, include extra folders, pencils, and pens can all be tucked out of sight for later use. Boxes are also great for storing your food such as coffee, granola bars, and more! (Have you heard I’m a fan of snacking to help my productivity?)

But for this tip to work, you need to keep your boxes organized too.

4. Get things off your desk.

Are you one of those people who have papers and notes all over your desk?

One way for you to clean up that desk space is to use a push pin board or even a mini whiteboard. Pin things up or write them on the whiteboard and throw away that scrap piece of paper.

The goal is to keep the clutter off your desk!

5. Throw things away and clean up regularly.

Make it a habit to go through everything on your desk and throw away what you do not need.

Set aside time every other week to go through what has accumulated on your desk and throw stuff away or find a new home for it if you need it.

Ask yourself – why do I need this? Or when will I need this?

If you don’t have a good answer you probably do not need it.


Start building your organizational skills this new year and you will be less stressed when you need to find something and ultimately more productive.


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