5 Tips for Top-Notch Twitter Customer Service

5 Tips for Top-Notch Twitter Customer Service

Most businesses today use social media to entice customers and clients alike to create a positive brand image via public relations. As one may have guessed, use of social media is key to successful marketing of any business that desires to draw in new consumers. Twitter, for example, is boasting of 330 million users which gives businesses a large opportunity for growth within their target market of choice.

Twitter’s platform is used for direct communication between a business and its customer. Since Twitter is an app created with the intent of engagement, creating a conversation is of the best practices for its use. With that information in mind, it’s no wonder 67% of consumers used a company’s social media site for servicing. The way a business handles their customer service through social media is indeed what makes an impression on its customers. Here are some worthwhile guidelines to follow when using Twitter for customer service:

1. Respond within 15 minutes of any relevant mentions or DM’s.

Twitter is an intensely timely social media platform. In fact, 53% of Twitter users expect businesses to reply to their Tweets in less than an hour. The faster a response is given, the better you look. It shows you place urgency on helping a customer, and you make them feel like a priority.

2. Don’t ignore negative feedback.

At the heart of the matter, people want their problems acknowledged. Think of this as an opportunity to better a customer’s opinion of your brand by helping them! 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from companies that ignore complaints on social media. Be sure to ask for contact information, or just have the user DM with your details so proper actions can be taken by your business.

3. Go ahead and let the trolls, well….. troll.

Although it is key to respond to negative feedback, make sure that feedback is genuine. Trolls are just Twitter users who want to get under your skin and want to cause problems for you. If you are able to tell that someone is Tweeting just to start a commotion, ignore them. As the famous (I’m sure) saying goes, don’t feed the trolls. In addition, If a user is threatening or harassing in any way, be sure to document the incident and report it to local law enforcement.

4. Leave alone mentions that have not been responded to within a day.

Since Twitter is such a timely platform, responding to a 2 week-old mention looks blatantly impolite. It says to the customer, “Sorry, your problem was not a priority for us at the time and we were too lazy to even acknowledge it until just now”. How rude!

5. Take a breath before you unleash your anger on that keyboard.

It would be great to reply to that terribly ill-informed, aggravating mention and tell that customer how you really feel, wouldn’t it? Well, it’s just not possible. Okay, okay, it’s possible but not recommended. Instead of simply reacting and potentially causing a catastrophe, just breathe. What you make of a possibly negative situation is what people really notice. Also, remember to be empathetic towards a complaining customer. After all, maybe your company caused a problem for them that is reasonable to be upset about. Calmly responding to irritated customers will make you (and probably your boss) considerably happier in the long run.

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