5 Benefits of Using White Space in Design

5 Benefits of Using White Space in Design

Why is White Space Important?

White space does not have to necessarily be white, and it is not wasted space.

It’s simply the space that gives your eyes a place to rest and focus on the most important elements in front of you. While it may be tempting to fill up all available space with lots of information to showcase your product, it has been shown that doing so actually has the opposite effect. Our brains become overwhelmed and instead simply stop taking in information.

Given the amount of clutter out there constantly distracting our brains, the key to getting undivided attention is simplicity, and that starts with an effective use of white space. Instead of being empty and ordinary, it is vital to design. Yet many times there seems to be a conflicting “more is better” mentality.

Why the disconnect?

People may be reluctant to use whitespace because they don’t understand its benefits.

1. White Space Attracts.

The eye is immediately drawn to what is different. When confronted with a page full of images and text, your eyes will automatically go to what stands out. Since it’s difficult to comprehend a large amount of information at one time, our brains tend to skip over the entire thing. White space automatically provides a place to rest.

2. White Space Improves Readability and Comprehension.

Studies show that white space leads to better readability and understanding. This can be in the form of leading between lines of type or between graphic elements. Making it easier for a viewer to read your message leads them to keep reading and not leave.

3. White Space Creates Balance.

Messaging full of heavy text or multiple images needs something to balance it out, or else things get too overwhelming. Full areas can be used but must be balanced by areas of rest.

4. White Space Gives Emphasis and Direction.

White space around certain elements directs the viewer to what is most important. People are busy and don’t want to have to figure out your message – instead, lead them to your focal point quickly and easily by highlighting using white space.

5. White Space Implies Sophistication.

Most luxury brands make generous use of white space. Our brains have become accustomed to associating white space with sophistication, while clutter is associated with cheaper brands. Simply adding white space gives an upscale aura to your brand.

In short, whitespace isn’t a waste of space but instead is vital to your brand messaging.

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