4 Technologies You Should Budget for Next Year

4 Technologies You Should Budget for Next Year

How many times has your boss looked you in the eye and asked you what the ROI is on that marketing campaign you led? Accountability is more prevalent than ever with the wide array of reporting and analytics options now available online. It always pays to be prepared with hard numbers that prove your budget builds an effective marketing program. As you’re planning next year’s financials, don’t forget these four technologies that support your business and marketing goals in a measurable way.

1. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Does your marketing department have a clue about what the sales team is up too? You don’t know how to support closing a sale or what kind of leads they need when communication breaks down. Having a centralized location to track current and potential customers will improve your ability to anticipate marketing materials they may need.

2. Social Media Scheduling Tools

When you’re a marketing department of one, you have very little time – if any – to think about what your Facebook followers want to read about today. Multiply this by the number of social media accounts you manage and your blood pressure can start rising pretty rapidly. Once you have a content strategy in place, a social media scheduling tool (like Buffer or Hootsuite) to keep your posts consistent.

3. Social Media Engagement Tools

You can post all day long, but is anyone actually sharing or caring about your social media content? Software like Social Toaster, Zuberance, and Fielo Loyalty can streamline your outreach and activation of social media influencers. Building a network of brand advocates to share your content is a powerful way to grow your organic presence online.

BONUS TIP: These social media engagement tools aren’t just limited to consumers. Think about ways to get your company’s employees excited about your brand’s social media content as well.

4. Brand management software

When you have multiple people creating collateral for your brand, your logo or fonts can suddenly start popping up looking very strange. Brand management software can house your company’s branding guidelines, marketing templates, and even copy suggestions all in one place. This makes it easy to collaborate with multiple users while keeping your organization’s look and feel consistent and polished.

While all four of these technologies are important to plan for, your budget needs to still have room for brainstorming new campaigns. Technology can be the delivery tools, but you can’t skimp on a strong, engaging message.


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